• Pure Pallets

    Donors often gift large quantities of certain items. A whole pallet filled with the same items is called a pure pallet.

  • Medical Equipment Pallets

    Any donated medical equipment are placed on pallets and sometimes also paired with other smaller donated medical supplies.

  • Assorted Category Pallets

    Assorted category pallets are assorted items of a Specific category of medical supplies. For example: Surgical, Clinical, Personal Care, IV, etc.

Step 1

Complete and submit the application form below to tell us about your organization and verify your status as a registered non-profit.

Step 2

Create an account. Click on the profile account icon on the upper right-hand corner of the website. Then click on "New Customer? Sign up". When your application is approved, you will receive an email notification that your account has been activated.

Step 3

Select 20 pallets to create your own container or select from preconfigured containers. Once your account is approved, Login and filter the listings by pallets. Shipping containers are 20 pallets in size.

You can also contact a representative to help you create a container configuration that is best for your program. Such as types of supplies that would better fit your humanitarian objectives.

Step 4

Complete your order and coordinate shipping. We can handle the shipping and logistics if you don't have a logistics partner. We do this all the time!

Step 5

Share the impact you are making! It is important to communicate to our resource donors the good their generosity has supported.  So please send stories, photos, and or statistics that can be posted on our site for others to learn about the good your organization is doing. Share with us via email at: Missions@globusrelief.org and via instagram at: @globusrelief

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