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To provide easy access to large quantities of medical resources that are available to qualified nonprofit organizations, Globus Relief offers them access to Nonprofitmedicalsupplies.org.  This online nonprofit store allows partner charities to order medical resources for a small administrative fee.  The low fees allow our partner charities to expand the goods that can be done while working within limited budgets and reduce the amount of perfectly useful resources that end up at the dump or burn plant.

How do I find pallets or containers online? 

Simply login to Nonprofitmedicalsupply.org and use the filter button to see just pallets, containers or both.  Each listing provides a list of resources with associated values that are contained in the pallet or container.

What if I need help configuring a large order? 

Please contact a Globus Relief representative here. We have over 25 years' experience in providing medical supplies around the world to supply hospitals and clinics or respond to emergencies, wars, and disasters. We have developed a strong institutional understanding of what is most helpful to medical providers and emergency responders over the years and can provide guidance in what medical resources would be most helpful in different circumstances.

What if I want to change some of the supplies that are on a pallet or container? 

You will need to contact a Globus Relief representative here.  It is important to understand that detailed customization of pallets or containers adds significant expense to the order and will be reflected in an adjusted administrative fee.

Does Globus Relief arrange shipping for containers? 

Yes.  We have over 25 years of experience shipping internationally to some of the most complex ports in the world.  

Are returns, refunds and exchanges permitted? 

No. By not allowing returns, refunds, and exchanges, we can offer a lower administrative fee.

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