Frequently Asked Questions

Why Nonprofit Medical Supply?

-To make it easy for our partners to find healthcare resources they may need,

-While expanding the good that can be done by our partner's limited budgets,

-While reducing the amount of perfectly useful resources that end up at the dump or burn plan.

Why are returns, refunds and exchanges not permitted?

-By not allowing returns, refunds, and exchanges, we can
offer a lower administrative fee.

When will I receive my order?

-Orders will be prepared for delivery within 24 hours of
ordering. Weekends, federal holidays, severe weather, technical difficulties, and
other such impediments may extend the delivery date. However, we desire to get
your orders as quickly as possible.

What do I do to have my order shipped to our organization?

-When shipping is desired, the checkout process will indicate
the cost of shipping and ask for shipping details. You must enter the shipping
address you submitted on your application to use Nonprofit Medical Supply;
otherwise, shipment may be delayed.

What if I want to return something I have ordered and receive a refund?

-All new or used items are distributed as-is and are not
eligible for returns or refunds.

-Therefore, please review the images and descriptions of the
items that you choose so that you are clear about what you are ordering. If you
are not sure that one or more of the resources, based on the information on the
site, is what you are looking for, please contact us for additional information
before ordering so that you will be sure to get the resources you desire.

Can I exchange something I have ordered?

-Once the item has left our warehouse, exchanges are not