Globus Relief believes in transparency and accountability in all matters of business, including finances. We pride ourselves in maintaining transparency in our financial records and responsibility in our fiscal decisions. Financial integrity, one of our core values, is one of many reasons we continue to receive Charity Navigator's highest, 4-star rating year after year.

Financial Stability

You want to know that the charity with which you are working is fiscally responsible and financially stable. Globus Relief has made living within its means a priority. Zero long-term debt and an average debt ratio (liabilities to assets) of 2.1% over the past ten years are just two examples of Globus Relief's dedication to long-term financial liquidity and stability.

Operational Efficiency

We take seriously our responsibility to donors, partners and the public to be judicious stewards of the funds and materials made available to us. With administrative and fundraising expenses below 1% and Globus’ unique self-funding model, donors can know 99% of donations go directly to humanitarian programsWise management of our financial resources enables us to help more people, which is the real bottom line.