Why Donate

There continues to be high demand for medical resources, instruments and equipment from the non-profit charities we support. The resources they receive are vital to the physician's capability to perform life-saving and life-enhancing procedures. As such, donations are critical to Globus Relief's success in supporting domestic and international healthcare projects as well as disaster relief efforts.  

Cash donations are also imperative, as they aid us by defraying the cost of handling and processing product donations. Globus Relief applies all cash donations to support humanitarian projects and zero dollars are applied to administrative costs. All donations are critical to Globus Relief’s success in supporting improved healthcare initiatives the world over.

  • Do good

    Because of the size of the need, donors can have great impact on the world. Twenty-five dollars can put a patient into a bed rather than on a cement floor. Excess bandages, gauze or surgical instruments can mean the difference between a successful operation or one followed by infection and disease. No matter how large or small, your donations will make a difference.

  • Tax deductions

    As a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization, all financial donations to Globus Relief are tax deductible. In addition, Section 170(e)(3) allows corporations to deduct donations of certain kinds of property to charitable organizations. By distributing donated medical supplies and equipment through our network of qualified charity partners, Globus Relief can help corporations and small business qualify for this special tax benefit. 

  • Market preservation

    Many companies save money and preserve the integrity of their market channels by donating slow-moving items prior to marking down the price. 

  • Lower handling costs

    Donors save the cost of other expenses like warehousing, handling, or disposing of the inventory. Globus Relief handles of the logistics of shipping, handling and sorting any product donations it receives, saving the donor this effort and cost and freeing up valuable warehouse space.

  • Credibility

    Our charity partners are rigorously screened to ensure their credibility, efficiency and commitment to their humanitarian mission. This screening process allows donors to know that their donations are being placed effectively to make a dramatic impact on the delivery of healthcare throughout the world.

  • Efficiency

    Our operations are lean. Typically, Globus Relief is able to operate with Administrative fees at less than 3% of operations. This means that 100% of your donation is applied to humanitarian projects; zero dollars are used for administrative costs.

  • Leverage

    Cash gifts have strong leverage power averaging $20 worth of humanitarian supplies for every dollar donated. 

  • Save time and effort

    Our focus on quality and efficiency helps us maximize the end results of your donations through a strategic, streamlined process that saves time and minimizes wastefulness. 

  • Transparency

    As a stakeholder, you deserve to know that your donations are making a difference. Globus Relief’s custom system allows us to track donated items from initial receipt to final distribution. We provide comprehensive reports on when, where and how your donations made an impact.

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