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Financial donations dramatically increase our ability to improve the delivery of healthcare around the world.

Fund Specific International Projects

Global Project

Get medical resources to Ukraine

Help us get medical resources to those who really need it in Ukraine. We have the boots on the ground connections with hospitals in the country and the means to get the supplies there. We just need your support.

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Global Project

Get medical resources inside of Syria

The Civil War in Syria has left 10's of millions displaced and hundreds of thousands dead. We have the unique opportunity to get medical supplies to over 30 hospitals in the region. Help us get the supplies to them.

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Global Project

Share medical aid with Iraq

With over 1 million people in Iraq requiring urgent medical care and severe shortages of medical supplies, the healthcare crisis is dire. We have established partnerships with local hospitals and clinics to deliver lifesaving medical resources.

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Global Project

Provide medical resources in Sierra Leone

With a significant portion of the population lacking access to essential healthcare, Sierra Leone faces a dire medical crisis. We have established partnerships with local hospitals and clinics to deliver lifesaving medical resources.

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Support Local Projects

Your Donations will help local nonprofit get the medical supplies they need

Local Projects

Globus Supports Numerous Local Charities

For every dollar donated we are able to get $7 of humanitarian medical supplies to those in need. Help us aid local charities.

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General Donation

These funds go directly to fund our ability to keep providing our services

  • Because of Globus Relief's unique non-profit business model, 100% of your donation will be used to directly impact humanitarian projects and partners that we have researched and qualified. In addition, because of Globus Relief's tremendous ability to leverage cash donations to do more good, each dollar donated has the potential of being converted into over $20 worth of humanitarian impact. Your tax-deductible gift, multiplied in this way, becomes even more far-reaching and life-saving.

  • Donations can be used in a variety of ways, including:

    • To acquire needed medical resources
    • To ensure product quality for application and use
    • To defray the costs of shipping donated product
    • To assist charities with their missions or humanitarian projects
    • To augment the progress of specific humanitarian projects

    Depending on how you would like your financial donation used, Globus Relief could apply your generous contribution to one specific project or we could divide it between several items.

Your tax-deductible contribution will be used in compliance with Section 170(e)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and supports Globus Relief's non-profit public charity 501(c)(3) tax-exempt purposes. If you need further information about the eventual humanitarian use of your contribution, please contact us or consider visiting our warehouse for a tour.