Supporting The Hope Clinic

Supporting The Hope Clinic

Hope Clinic is a free clinic in Midvale set up to serve those who are 150% below Federal Poverty Guidelines and uninsured.  Staffed 100% by the joined hands and hearts of volunteers from the community, committed to bring high quality healthcare to those most in need. Based on a service model rather than business concept, they have a family practice foundation with support of a variety of specialty clinics including neurology, nephrology, pediatrics, gynecology, dermatology, endocrinology, surgery, diabetic education, and orthopedics.  The population Served requires strong support as they often have advanced medical conditions related to diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and neglected health care due to social and financial barriers.



Jane Powers, Clinical Director at the Hope Clinic said: "Our operation budget is supported by community donations and the generosity of Intermountain Healthcare, and the availability of Globus Relief.   Medical supplies such as orthopedic braces, masks, cleansers, wound care supplies, medical support supplies, surgical instruments and goods, autoclave and sterilization equipment, vital sign monitors and supplies, and so much more is obtained at a fraction of the cost from Globus. This allows us to treat our patients at Hope Clinic with quality resources at no cost to them.  

I have personally witnessed and can attest to the extraordinary impact Globus Relief has made to the mission of running a free clinic. In 2005 when Dr. Emam and our team started Maliheh Free Clinic and then in 2010 when we opened Hope Clinic, we have depended and built the clinics with Globus Relief as one of our major contributors.  Our gratitude and appreciation are difficult to express in words for their professionalism, generosity, and commitment to help those most in need."

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